People Who Make a Difference

Heroes Step Up to Protect the Safety, Rights of All Americans Today we all know that the ill-fated decision to switch the water supply in Flint, Mich., from Lake Huron to the Flint River to save a few bucks in the state budget caused dangerously high levels of lead in local drinking water. But if … [Read more...]

Marijuana and Driving

Has legalizing pot caused more road accidents, injuries and deaths? Elizabeth Kemble, a widely admired advocate for kidney health in Oregon, was out for a walk following her third kidney transplant when she was killed by a driver who admitted to smoking marijuana minutes earlier. Debra Majkut, an … [Read more...]

Distracted Driving

Distracted Driving Still on the Rise, Especially Among Teens According to AAA, Americans drive the fewest miles during the winter months. Once April rolls around and the sun shines a bit brighter, the mileage goes up as we shake off the winter doldrums. More miles behind the wheel also means there … [Read more...]

A Black Box in the Operating Room — Can It End Medical Malpractice?

Device Being Used to Gather Information during Surgical Procedures Medical professionals in Canada have been experimenting with a “surgical black box,” similar to the device famously used in the airlines to track flight data. With the medical black box, cameras and microphones capture dialogue and … [Read more...]

More than 40 Years of Experience Successfully Handling Car Accident Claims

Car Accident Claims by Experienced Lawyer A car accident can change your life in an instant. You may be unable to work and meet your financial obligations. You may need extensive medical care, including long-term rehabilitation or physical therapy. You may live with significant pain on a daily … [Read more...]


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