Our New Jersey Personal Injury Lawyer Encourages You to Take Notes About Your Accident

Your New Jersey personal injury lawyer will explain to you that when an accident claim is filed, the two questions that must be answered for the case to succeed are what happened to cause the accident and what harm was caused. Since a case like this, especially if it is complex, can last or over a year, having notes about the event will be very beneficial to your case.

Preserving Evidence and Details

Every New Jersey car accident lawyer will tell you that the best thing that you can do when you are in an accident is take notes about the event as soon as possible after the event occurred. You should include all types of details in your notes, including the injuries that you have received and how they are impacting your life. While it is easy to understand that taking notes about the accident is probably not the first thing on your mind, it is very beneficial to your case. If your injuries prevent you from being able to take notes, ask a friend or relative to help you and use the following points to ensure that your notes are complete.

About the Event

You will want to write down as much information as possible about the event. Try to remember what happened just before the accident, during the accident, and right after it occurred. Your New Jersey personal injury lawyer will ask you details about road conditions, weather conditions, what you remember seeing around you before it happened. All of these details are important to establish the cause of the event.

About Your Injuries

You will need to keep detailed records about your injuries. Write down what medical treatment you have had to treat the injuries and any medical recommendations to treat them in the future. You will want to make notes on how your life has been impacted by these injuries, such as not being able to do the things you normally do at home or at work. You will want to talk about the mental strain that these injuries have caused you and if there is any stress placed on your relationships because of the injuries. Detail your pain and discomfort levels. All of this is relevant.

Continue Taking Notes through the Claims Process

Your New Jersey car accident lawyer will encourage you to take notes throughout the entire process. You will want to make sure that you write down every time you have an interaction with the insurance adjuster about your claim. Note their name, the date and time you spoke to them, and the point of the conversation. You will also want to do the same with any follow up medical treatments you have for your injuries. During the process, you should also continue to keep a journal of how your life is being affected by the accident and your injuries. Your New Jersey car accident lawyer will want to know how your injuries and recovery is progressing and if any new developments occur. Sadly, many injuries do not appear until several weeks or even months after the initial event. Detail is everything, and the more details you place into your journal the more evidence your attorney will have to present to the insurer.

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