Here’s What You Should Do After a Road Accident

Here’s What You Should Do After a Road Accident

Keeping a level head after a motor vehicle accident isn’t easy, especially if there are injuries involved. First priority: Make sure that help is on the way for anyone who needs medical attention. Then take steps to protect your interests. Learn how with this month’s You Should Know guide on what to … [Read more...]

Big Fun for Downsized Seasonal Gatherings

Build a Snow Maze – Fresh snow can make a day go from meh to magical! After a snowfall, grab the kids and create a snow maze in the backyard or a nearby park. No snow ... make a maze with fallen leaves. Share a Holiday Book – Create lasting memories with a holiday story hour for the young minds in … [Read more...]

Counterfeit Toys Pose Safety Risks to Kids of All Ages

This holiday will certainly be different for us all this year, including how we shop for gifts. As in-store shopping becomes more risky during the surge in COVID-19 infections, Americans are turning to online retailers in record numbers to buy gifts for the little ones in their lives, even if they … [Read more...]

Dietary Supplements, Alternative Medications Not Always Safe or Effective

A magic pill, a super serum or the one-size-fits-all cure you see on social media sure can feel like a miracle made real. But the truth is that many supplements or alternative medications can have dangerous side effects, and none of them are regulated or approved by the U.S. Food and Drug … [Read more...]

Can Americans Seek Justice for Losses from Climate Change

America’s civil justice system is the great equalizer for the average citizen. Time and again, individuals have held powerful corporations, wealthy special interests and failed government watchdogs accountable in a court of law for endangering the public. Think big tobacco and cancer, pharmaceutical … [Read more...]

Drones Everywhere Come with Safety, Privacy Concerns

Back in the day (last year) when we there were still live sporting events, outdoor concerts, community celebrations or just about anything else that drew a crowd, you could count on a blinking drone hovering overhead to capture all the action. Since approval for commercial use 14 years ago, the … [Read more...]

As Opioid Epidemic Rages On, Children Are Hidden Casualties

Before COVID-19, Americans were fighting another public health crisis: opioid abuse and addiction. Often pushed off the front pages by the pandemic, the opioid crisis didn’t go away. Millions of Americans continue to struggle with the ripple effects on their families, friends and communities. But … [Read more...]

Fireworks Sales Up …

... Injuries May Follow Every year thousands of Americans are injured by fireworks, and this year will likely be no exception. In fact, purchases of personal fireworks are soaring as organizers cut the fuse on traditional Fourth of July celebrations and fireworks displays. Here just in time for the … [Read more...]

Companies Use Legal Loophole to Avoid Accountability

Lurking in millions of product, service and employment contracts is a legal landmine called forced arbitration, which allows corporations to bypass the courts and railroad Americans into privately run tribunals that almost always favor the company. And now, during the COVID-19 crisis, nursing homes, … [Read more...]

Less Traffic Doesn’t Mean It’s Safer for Walkers or Bikers

With so many Americans forced to spend more time at home, long walks and leisurely bike rides are among the few ways we can combat cabin fever. That means bike lanes and walking paths are busy right now, while car traffic in many areas has dropped dramatically. But that DOESN’T mean pedestrians, … [Read more...]


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